Thursday, June 25, 2009

Thank you Team FEED!!

Though I have been a diligent member of Team FEED for over a year now, until yesterday I was unaware of the sneaky skills that the rest of my co-workers possess...

I was informed that I needed to stay late at the office due to a meeting for an upcoming project, which put quite the dent in my plans for the evening.  Around 6pm I answered the door expecting to find our business contacts and instead found a dozen of my closest friends from NYC...FEED had planned a surprise shindig to celebrate my time at the company.  I was indeed very surprised and quite confused but we celebrated with some pulled pork, cervezas, and great company.  :)

A big thank you to the ladies at FEED, Kevin, Gwenn, and everyone for coming!  I had so much fun and that was an incredibly thoughtful thing to do.  Some highlights of the evening below...



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