Monday, November 16, 2009


This Green Week the networks of NBC Universal have joined together to ask their viewers to make a pledge to help the environment. For each pledge made, NBCU will make a donation to the FEED Foundation.

Click a pledge HERE and help us Make Green Count!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Lauren is one of Fortune 500's Most Powerful Women!

Check out Lauren's awesome video at the Fortune 500's Most Powerful Women conference in California this year!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Vote for FEED on QuakerTalk!!

The FEED Foundation has been chosen by Quaker Oats and food blogger Bee Yinn Low for a new oatmeal recipe challenge!

To VOTE for FEED: click HERE and go to VOTE and choose "TOASTED PUMPKIN" and give her a thumbs up!!!!!!!

Bee Yinn Low described a delicious "Toasted Pumpkin" oatmeal recipe and if it wins, the FEED Foundation will get $10, for her here today:

and tell your friends to vote!!!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Happy World Food Day!!!

You may not know that today is World Food Day, but it is. It is a day to mindful about food issues. It is a day to be grateful for all the delicious and nutritious food we do have access to. And it is a day to want to help those who do not have access to such food- here in our own country and abroad in developing countries.

Today 1.02 billion people around the world are hungry! And a child dies every five seconds from hunger-related causes. These are not just numbers, they are people who desperately need our help! And by help, I am not just talking about a band-aid, but your thoughts, your efforts, and hopefully your solutions to change the food system as a whole.

Today Team FEED (Ellen, Nicole, Kristina, and I) volunteered at God's Love We Deliver. They are an amazing organization working right here in our backyard of New York to deliver food to people who are too ill to shop and cook for themselves. They serve 1600 people a day, 3000 meals. These meals are all prepared out of fresh ingredients and then delivered by hand apartment by apartment. Today Team FEED was on the delivery side, serving meals to people in the downtown Manhattan area. One woman Kay chatted to us for a bit, and as we were leaving thanked us for "Bringing her, her Friday fish". I would encourage you all today or any day to volunteer at a local organization that needs your help. If you are interested in learning more about God's Love We Deliver, please visit

Our Friend Howard's new book is AWESOME!!!

From the Daily Beast:
"For years, Howard Buffett focused his charitable efforts on environmental preservation. But ultimately, the farmer-philanthropist—and author of the new book Fragile: The Human Condition—decided feeding the planet came first."

Read about the book and Howard's inspiring work as an Ambassador for the UN World Food Program and as the head of his own Foundation, The Howard G. Buffett Foundation.

Go Howard!!!!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

American Lunch Room...

The kids in America are usually able to access school lunches...but that doesnt mean its healthful or even "food." Check out the brilliant and simple images of American school lunches at

We would love for to FEED fans to submit photos to the site and bring attention to what is really being eaten in the cafeterias across America. Stay tuned for FEED's involvement in trying to bring healthier school lunches to American kids!

FEEDBlog joins Bloggers against Hunger

With the World Food Program reporting that now 1 billion people are officially counted among the hungry, we wanted to join the count of people who are trying to raise awareness about this awful scourge to humanity.
The WFP Bloggers Against Hunger movement is a great way to get more people talking about the effects of the food crisis and the increase in the chrnoically hungry around the world.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Millennium Promise Partner's Meeting

Photo from visit to Ruhiira Millennium Village in Uganda, 2009.

Just as September and the UN General Assembly are getting the fall off to a running start, the Millennium Promise Partners Meeting was a great harbinger of progress in Africa for the months to come. For us at FEED, our partnership with the Millennium Villages Project officially kicked off a few months ago when we brought the first of the FEED Health backpacks to Community Health Workers (CHW's) traveling on foot to visit households throughout Ruhiira, Uganda. At this year's Millennium Promise Partners meeting, the Ruhiira team was in town to discuss various successes, including the CHW program, as was President Museveni of Uganda, proving that there is a great will to scale the Millennium Villages successes.

For me, the best part of working with Millennium Promise on the Millennium Villages Project is the real sense that silos and the territoriality of old school aid are being broken down. At FEED Projects, we use the fashion industry to raise money and awareness for smart development programs, like school-feeding implemented by the UN World Food Program (WFP) and the MV CHW program. The Millennium Villages have school-feeding programs in most of their sites and the partnership with WFP is so strong that WFP Executive Director was at the MV meeting. Actually, it felt like a veritable development-community reunion, besides WFP colleagues, friends from the ONE campaign, UNICEF, and the Clinton Foundation were all there to support the Villages and work together. I also saw friends in the fashion world, like Mary Fanaro, who uses a similar model to FEED in her Omnipeace brand to raise money and awareness for the Millennium Villages and met knew friends from the Tommy Hilfiger Corporate Foundation. It is so inspiring and hopeful to be a part of a great community of people working together to affect big change for Africa.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009