Monday, June 1, 2009

Drew Barrymore FEEDs

About a month ago, we were in LA for the Milken Conference, and had a chance to meet Drew Barrymore, who is a Hunger Ambassador for the UN World Food Program.  She hosted a talk at CAA with the Executive Director of WFP, Josette Sheeran.  They are both such amazing and dynamic women, and were able to articulate the plight of world hunger through their personal experiences working with WFP.

During the talk, the youngest member of the audience, a boy maybe 13 years old, raised his hand and asked what he could do to help in the fight against world hunger.  This small event later inspired a Huffington Post article, which also mentions FEED!  Thanks Drew! 


  1. I just ordered my FEED bag and am so excited! You guys are supporting such a GREAT cause, I even blogged about it today :)

  2. Yes, very nice bags and nice job!

  3. How does one go about volunteering technical help/expertise to Feed?

    I am free until end of June and could also find time in July-August to offer technical and computer help.