Monday, April 20, 2009

FEED at the Naval Academy

You may think that I went down to Annapolis to hang out with the best and brightest of our country in their cute matching outfits (or uniforms, as some may call them).  See the prom-like photo below with one lucky Naval Officer: 

But, I actually had a greater purpose in my trip- participating in the outstanding Naval Academy Foreign Affairs Conference.  The attendees included Navy midshipmen and students from 40 other universities discussing this year's conference theme of "Combating Global Poverty".  It was inspiring to hear the students, both in and out of the military, discuss solutions for addressing key issues like food (where I was a "Senior Advisor"), water, microfinance, and health.  The keynote speakers, Prof. Nicholas Negroponte, Prof. Paul Collier, and Dr. Paul Farmer, were brilliant and their remarks led to engaging discussions which left me hopeful that young people can and will fix some big global problems in our lifetimes!

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