Thursday, February 26, 2009

Dancing and D&A

Hi there, look at those shiny, happy FEED faces!  This picture is from last fall, but it is one of my favorites.  It was taken at a Columbia/Barnard FEED student club event.  My sister, Ashley, is heading up the club.  They organized an awesome dance-off, with proper American Idol style judges. The dance groups were awesome, and although I personally voted for a swing couple that did not win, this awesome hip-hop jazz group won (see picture to the left).  Anyway, they were able to raise lots of money for FEED and have lots of fun doing it!

And in other news... as you have already heard from my fellow FEEDers, we participated at the D&A show this past weekend, and were able to meet to lots of neat store buyers from around the world.  And one of the items we previewed was the FEED Bear, which is coming in time for Mother's Day! Go FEED!


  1. Do you have any future plans to referee any other such events (e.g. dance-off events) for FEED :-)

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