Thursday, July 30, 2009

Quail Hill Farm Orchard Dinner

Last weekend, I had the best dinner ever... It was at Quail Hill Farm in Amagansett, NY.  My favorite farmer friend, Scott Chaskey (pictured to the right with Snook from the show "Its a Big Big World"), invited my boyfriend and I to pay him a visit and learn more about his farm.  We showed up not knowing what to expect, and saw people of all ages unloading their cars with pots and containers, foldable chairs, guitars, and more.  And as we approached the orchard where people were gathering, it was clear that we had come upon a pot luck dinner.  The embarrassment of not having brought anything to the table (literally) was short lived, as everyone was so friendly and warm.  The people in attendance, like Scott, are members of the Peconic Land Trust- many of them farmers themselves.  It was a beautiful sight... there was a large table of organic, homemade dishes, as well as local wine, a banjo player and his quartet, and loads of cute kids running around.  Something magical seems to happen when good food is shared among a good community of people, and I was thrilled to experience it at Quail Hill Farm!

The Peconic Land Trust works to conserve Long Island's working farms and natural land, and for more information about that visit:

And for more information about Northeast Organic Farming Association of NY, which Scott Chaskey- the organic farming guru and all around amazing person- is President of, please visit:

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