Wednesday, March 25, 2009

FEED launches at Fred Segal Trend in LA!

Happy news friends, FEED bags are now being sold at Fred Segal Trend in LA!  Ellen and I made the sunny trek to the west coast 2 weeks ago to help in the festivities.  Daniel (pictured to the left wearing the blue shirt) owns and runs Fred Segal Trend, and after seeing the bags got behind FEED in a big way! And VeeV sponsored the liquor.  VeeV is made from Acia berries, so it is delicious and feels healthier than the normal cocktail!  Thanks VeeV! So it was light cocktails, a DJ (turned bongo player, surprisingly), good friends, and of course, FEED bags!  
Check us out at Fred Segal Trend-

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  1. Nice pics!

    PS. Am I the only one following this?